Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I am a huge fan of Subroto Bagchi's writings. I was reading one of his articles which he had penned down some time back.... & at the end of the article he put down couple of lines on defining success in his own way. Read on & you will know what i am talking about...

"Success to me is about Vision. It is the ability to rise above the immediacy of pain. It is about imagination. It is about sensitivity to small people. It is about building inclusion. It is about connectedness to a larger world existence. It is about personal tenacity. It is about giving back more to life than you take out of it. It is about creating extra-ordinary success with ordinary lives." - Subroto Bagchi, COO, Mind Tree Consulting.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ohh i forgot.... 101.

101. Have atleast i friend like the guy who has posted a comment on my previous post.

You should check it out... the guy has some serious problem in life to post a comment larger than the topic itself. By the by, for people who i am talking about, its one of my collegue Kannan.

enjoy guys

100 things to do before i die.

For some time now, i was thinking about all the things i want to do before i kick the bucket. The list is as below, its my list. I ask you also to write down things which you wanna do in your life time. Its important, believe you me, gives you a different perspective on life; i guess we will also see how important life is.

So here we go.

1. Climb the Mt. Everest.
2. Go round the world in a plane.
3. Plant a tree, actaully many.
4. Fall in love over & over again.
5. Go sky diving.
6. Do a deep sea diving
7. Visit famous beaches in all continents.
8. Run a Marathon.
9. Be a Bartender.
10. Learn to play golf.
11. Create my family tree.
12. Want to trek to origin of the river Nile.
13. Want to fly to moon & back.
14. For some strange reason, i always wanted to pee from the top of Mt. Everest.
15. Want to BASE jump.
16. Learn to throw a Boomerang.
17. Want to ride a Bull.
18. Fart loudly in a crowded lift.
19. Want to learn mathematics & how to handle my own finance.
20. Gamble my butt off in Vegas.
21. Be a streaker in Indo-Pak cricket match.
22. Go up in a Hot-Air balloon.
23. Scuba Dive in Great Barrier Reef.
24. Learn to Juggle.
25. Make out with a stranger in public.
26. Invite all the people i know, telling them its my funeral (& find out
how many actually turn up)
27. Tell I LOVE YOU to as many people as possible.
28. Smile always. 24/7, 365 days.
29. Lie to your boss that you met with an accident, & spend a month at home lazying around.
30. Spend 3 months time in getting in shape like David.
31. Learn to fly a Hang Glider.
32. Go to the edge of the atmosphere by a hot air balloon & jump down to earth.
33. Go wild in Rio's annual carnival.
34. Write a will.
35. Spend a new years eve on a beach naked sipping wine.
36. Ask someone you just met to go on a date with you.
37. Write my own epitaph.
38. Spend a night in a haunted house..all by myself.
39. Teach someone illiterate to read.
40. Shower in a waterfall with someone i love.
41. Drink beer in Oktoberfest.
42. Be a judge in Ms. Universe contest.
43. Fire my own boss & take his place for a day.
44. Learn Ballroom dancing.
45. Get jailed.
46. Be a judge.
47. Watch the Parlaiment in session(in person).
48. Build a Tomb for myself.
49. Eat a Cobra's heart, Octopuss, Crocodile, Emu, Ostrich....this list is big.
50. Make enough money to buy my own plane.
51. Cross the Sahara on a Camel.
52. Send a message in a Bottle.
53. Throw a Monstrous party & invite all your friends.
54. Swim with a dolphin.
55. Learn to speak French.
56. Grow a Mustache.
57. Create a website in my name.
58. Make my own wine.
59. Make something important & patent it.
60. Buy a Hayabusa for my Bro.
61. Buy a Harley for myself.
62. Make a movie & act in it too.
63. Write a PHD paper on NOTHING!
64. Write a love letter.
65. Make love on a train/forest floor/kitchen……………..
66. Write an Autobiography.
67. Donate to an Orphanage anonymously.
68. Fall in love….helplessly & unconditionally.
69. Donate a bench to a park; put my name on it.
70. Have a child, look in its eyes, see yourself & smile.
71. Save enough for myself before it kicks me out of the house.
72. Own a double barreled gun.
73. Visit 7 wonders of the world.
74. Date a Supermodel.
75. Learn to Tap Dance.
76. Go fishing & eat my catch.
77. Fly faster than the speed of sound.
78. Own a submarine.
79. Finish an Iron-man competition.
80. Ride the biggest, meanest roller coaster back to back for a day.
81. Test drive a Ferrari.
82. Have my own line of Lingerie.
83. Have an expensive business suit made.
84. Visit the Louvre in Paris.
85. Visit an active volcano.
86. Vote.
87. Say I am Sorry.
88. Read Bhagavad-Gita.
89. Do Bungee jumping.
90. Get a World Class chef to cook for me for a month.
91. Buy a library.
92. Help at least a dozen people.
93. Fight Mike Tyson.
94. Become national champion in Bowling.
95. Own a Strip / Stand up Comedy bar.
96. Learn Karate & Kung foo & kick your boss’s ass.
97. Become india's Richard Branson.
98. Have a chocolate brand in my name.
99. Get a Doctrate on Point 63.
100. Finish atlest 25 of them & add more to the list.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

How to work for an IDIOT!!!

I am sure we all have come accross different kind off bosses in our work times. Some are great to work with while others are bad.. so how do you deal with them.......

The Machiavellian Boss

Diagnosis: Smart, shrewd and ruthless. MB's believe the chair at the top of corporate ladder is theirs by divine right. An MB will rip out your heart, slap it in your hand and say, "Nothing personal."
Care and Feeding: Approach with utmost caution. Consider a transfer.

The Sadistic Boss

Diagnosis: SB's aren't completely clueless and can be devious. A SB loves the sound of weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments coming from the cubicles outside his or her office.
Care and Feeding: Don't cry or whine, because it only encourages a SB. Walk slumped over with a pained, weight-of-the-world look, pulling your mouth downward. This says that your suffering is intense and that you don't need any more pain heaped upon your little head.

The Masochistic Boss

Diagnosis: Warning! MB's can be idiots. Most feel their life and career are complete flops and seek to enroll you in their continuing catastrophe, because misery loves company.
Care and Feeding: Don't bother. MB's have nothing to teach you, and working with one won't boost your career. Flee ASAP.

The Paranoid Boss

Diagnosis: Conspiracy theories overwhelm any flicker of intelligence. PB's are reluctant to approve a transfer, because you might "know too much."
Care and Feeding: Set up a meeting in the PB's office. Take out a sealed envelope filled with blank paper. Tell the PB that you will hand over a list of everyone involved in the conspiracy against him as soon as he approves your transfer. Tuck envelope in your pocket and pat it. Smile. Results guaranteed.

The Gawd Boss

Diagnosis: Think Donald Trump, with or without the hair. Lying facedown on the floor at the GB's feet is considered routine. GB's demand that anyone entering the holy of holies (the mug's office) burn incense, clang cymbals and bear burnt offerings.
Care and Feeding: GB's prove that the Creator has a wicked sense of humor. Try to match it.

The Buddy Boss

Diagnosis: Surgical removal of a BB from your hip isn't covered by the company's health plan. The BB wants to come to your house for Thanksgiving dinner or to watch the Super Bowl. Be careful or the BB will show up on your doorstep with an overnight bag.
Care and Feeding: Consider buying the BB a big, slobbering, stupid dog that will adore him at least six days out of seven

The Good Boss

Diagnosis: The Good Boss isn't fantasy, but extremely rare. If you have one, immediately contact the Smithsonian, because such a gem should be preserved for posterity.
Care and Feeding: If your boss guides you, recognizes your talent, appreciates your hard work and rewards results, get to work early and turn handstands on every project every day. Chances are your Good Boss will have some flaws, but be thankful for all the solid stuff, including the occasional sympathetic ear. Listen when the Good Boss speaks, because you will learn many things.

stop complaining & get back to work...

This is my first attempt to start blogging. I had tried it previuosly(for office) but failed miserably. So lets see how this one goes.

If you are some one who i know, i advise you to put this link in your favourites list..

I hope to keep putting in some interesting stuff, things which you could find silly & out of the world crazy at times. Keep your comments running in at all times.

As they say, IT AINT OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS.........let the good times begin.