Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Its a BOY!!

Date: 28th June
Place: Diana's home
Pic courtesy from Sumit!

Remember the 1st series of ad's for Pulsar! Two nurses walk in the Neo-Natal care; & declaring Its a BOY! Its a BOY! & voila Pulsar is shown in the freeze frame; with an adage, Definitely Male!!

We got the bike (Bullet Thunderbird) yesterday & it is awesome! My 1st time on a Bullet & i was like a kid with a grin from ear to ear! Took Diana for a ride & opened up the throttle for the 5th gear & took it up to 60!(thts the max i am advised to ride, till the 1st service). Now i know why everyone goes ga-ga over a Bullet!

You know, its like eating a Chocolate Mousse from Java City. Thats the feeling. You dont wanna stop & want to keep eating it! Thats how you feel when you ride a Bullet!

I actually spent an hour admiring it at home. Call me a kid but its a dream come true to ride one.

So, BOYS, move!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Countdown has Begun.

For me the Countdown began on the 16th of May itself. 30 days from flag-off.

I think it was a friend who reminded me; Do you know, you will leave for your trip in 30 days? BANG!!! It hit me on my face! I didnt want to know tht; i start thinking "big-time" about it! I freek out! I fret! & all this, will affect me. I felt weak in my knee, i started feeling sick, i ran temperature! Its the kinda feeling a school kid goes through before his/her final exams!

Its hard for me to keep calm; bcos i know, the day i start from Bangalore, there is not much i can do, things wouldnt be in my control; its otherwise...

So, what has been done till now?

1. The bike has been booked. Its a Bullet Thunderbird. 350 cc, 18 bph, 5 speed (left foot gear shift), electric start, with front disc breaks.
2. We have finished events in 9 cities. The placard activity is done with in Bangalore, Pondicherry, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkotta, Delhi, Chandigarh & Guwhati.
3. The route for my ride is finalised.
4. Fuel is being sponsored by Indian Oil.
5. The GPS provider is more or less finalised.
6. I think i am ready! :)

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Lot of things needs to be bought, bike needs to be tuned & altered for carrying my luggage, i need to keep my docs in place & also the permits i would need during the course of my ride, esp in the North-East.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Its called Chrysallis Power of One!

Its been 15 months since i thought about a ride; a ride across this country; a ride which will take me to places & meet new people, a ride which i was convinced enough to do it alone (read solo).
Today is 21 May 2007. 25 days to flag off! Yes, i am leaving bangalore on 16th June 2007. Its been a long long wait. Have postponed the dates by 6 months, initially, planned to leave by Jan 6th, this year. Didnt know that i couldnt get in & out of "Leh". My initial plan was to ride through every State, go through its Capitals; & also see if i can touch base with the 4 corners of this country (read rideable corners)!!
I was not sure. Not sure, if this is just a crazy idea (many of whom i have met & talked to, till think it is), didnt know any answers for How, When, Why.... I needed someone to tell me that it was ok to think like this, it is normal. I did get that support from a colleague! & one phone call changed it all. I called Diana Tholoor. Over the next few meetings, there was meaning for my thought.
Now, after 15 months, its no more just a ride! Its "Chrysallis Power of One".
Its not about one person! There is no definite meaning to it! But what that one person can to do to bring about that change; that one person can do miracles in his/her own way! Theres a team of volunteers working hard to make this project happen; there are volunteers working across the country; there are children participating in "Know your Special Friend"; special children are making new friends; as i said, this is not about one person!!
From this blog onwards, the posts are about me, what i am going through, what i feel...evrything you didnt want to know, nobody wanted to hear about!!!