Monday, May 21, 2007

Its called Chrysallis Power of One!

Its been 15 months since i thought about a ride; a ride across this country; a ride which will take me to places & meet new people, a ride which i was convinced enough to do it alone (read solo).
Today is 21 May 2007. 25 days to flag off! Yes, i am leaving bangalore on 16th June 2007. Its been a long long wait. Have postponed the dates by 6 months, initially, planned to leave by Jan 6th, this year. Didnt know that i couldnt get in & out of "Leh". My initial plan was to ride through every State, go through its Capitals; & also see if i can touch base with the 4 corners of this country (read rideable corners)!!
I was not sure. Not sure, if this is just a crazy idea (many of whom i have met & talked to, till think it is), didnt know any answers for How, When, Why.... I needed someone to tell me that it was ok to think like this, it is normal. I did get that support from a colleague! & one phone call changed it all. I called Diana Tholoor. Over the next few meetings, there was meaning for my thought.
Now, after 15 months, its no more just a ride! Its "Chrysallis Power of One".
Its not about one person! There is no definite meaning to it! But what that one person can to do to bring about that change; that one person can do miracles in his/her own way! Theres a team of volunteers working hard to make this project happen; there are volunteers working across the country; there are children participating in "Know your Special Friend"; special children are making new friends; as i said, this is not about one person!!
From this blog onwards, the posts are about me, what i am going through, what i feel...evrything you didnt want to know, nobody wanted to hear about!!!

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Novice said...

i want to hear it all..all that u feel, all that u see..all that u percieve...coz somehwere thru you, i will be going on this journey...n boy..i am excited!!
So..let's go!!