Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Its a BOY!!

Date: 28th June
Place: Diana's home
Pic courtesy from Sumit!

Remember the 1st series of ad's for Pulsar! Two nurses walk in the Neo-Natal care; & declaring Its a BOY! Its a BOY! & voila Pulsar is shown in the freeze frame; with an adage, Definitely Male!!

We got the bike (Bullet Thunderbird) yesterday & it is awesome! My 1st time on a Bullet & i was like a kid with a grin from ear to ear! Took Diana for a ride & opened up the throttle for the 5th gear & took it up to 60!(thts the max i am advised to ride, till the 1st service). Now i know why everyone goes ga-ga over a Bullet!

You know, its like eating a Chocolate Mousse from Java City. Thats the feeling. You dont wanna stop & want to keep eating it! Thats how you feel when you ride a Bullet!

I actually spent an hour admiring it at home. Call me a kid but its a dream come true to ride one.

So, BOYS, move!!!


Prabhu said...

Boy! That thing does look like a BIGGG BOYYY! It is definitely Male! Prashant, you better be careful little child!


~Me said...

Bhelcome to the community dost!! :).. Let's all the MEN go for a ride ;)

Novice said...

way to go!! at last!!

Prashant said...


At last!!! what!!!?