Thursday, November 01, 2007


Its been little over a month, since i have come home from a ride; a ride which in many ways has changed my life. I have come back to the normalcy of life (ie, home, friends, work, all), considering how adventurous/crazy/risky i lead those 115 days alone (was i!!), on a bike, riding the country; India!

Have begun going back to work; everythings new there, except that people still remain the same; a good friend has left, many will leave. The 1st week was an eye opener for me; seemed like i had forgotten a lot of things; my clients, my passwords, my extn & my peer's, processess, to type on a keyboard. I seemed rough. I still remember the 1st lunch i had at work, i didnt care if there was no space to sit, didnt care about not asking for spoons, just grabbed a plate, put my hand on the plantain leaf in which the rice had been packed, opened up a dal (andhra style) packet, dumped it on the rice & ate! I ate standing there near the window; i ate like i dont care, i just ate. Now, i remember those days when i looked for food on the beaten National Highways (any decent looking) & settled for samosas. I smile now!

I have been lazy these days to write here, you would know that i havent (yet) uploaded the pics & the videos. Have been lazy! Will do so now, in sometime.

& am i glad to be back in Bengaluru!!