Sunday, October 22, 2006

Of Broken Indicator & lousy Chai!!

Chilly nights, late-night dinner
3 of us digging the Sizilling Brownie
at 12 in the morning!
Am i shocking You? Not yet!

Salads & Jade Soup!
Broken indicator (s) & 100% lousy
chai, that too paid!!
On a stone next to
the gutter,
under a lamp-post!

Shivering in cold
Riding back home
in wee hours smiling!
Nearly going bankrupt
while talking!

A bathtub fantasy
Adventure sense zero!


A bear Hug!
Dont Define
Take time
Live your day by the day!

Anupam Kher
Wine & black tea
on the terrace
A tight rope walk
A picture of a girl
watching the sky!

The nights are
still cold
But has an
orange tinge on it now!

Its difficult now
But there is hope
I am not to be lost
But to be held on to!

Broken indicator (s) & 100% lousy
chai, that too paid!!

Growing towards a New Us!

I am not sure if i am making sense at all with my subject line though with what i have in my complex mind!

But what i do know is that, we move & change along with time. Its a simple but a great word, isnt it? Have you ever pondered over it?

In the movie 'IQ' (Meg Ryan!!), as the character Einstein says, "By the time you say the word 'Time', time would have passed by!". My best friend Charan got engaged(nin wicket bithu, machha!). Even before we could realise, he came into town, met the girl (Oh, sorry, Her name is Deepa) & they agreed. It was like yesterday (9 years actually) since we met in college, became friends, did all kinds of nonsense in our classes... then grew up to be grown-ups..took up work...our Bowring Kulfi sessions. I could write & not stop!

[This was on our 1st ever trip to Mysore. Charan in glasses; Gundu & Me!]
After his engagement, we went out for Lunch with Deepa & Chandrika (our common friend). Oh, yes, before i forget, Deepa's cute! Ekdum Bindaas types! Just like us, no pretence, she is the way she is. We hit off, right from the first note!! I was relieved. Once we got out after lunch & planned to head out to eat Kulfi (the girls didnt liked to eat them...Oh my God!, what a thing to miss in life), as i walked ahead & jabbered, i happen to turn around & i saw that they held each other's hand; my mind immediately did a 30 sec slideshow of all the good times we had; i was walking, thinking that we have entered into the next phase of our lives. I was smiling inside, big time! Its the feeling of completing one part & entering part 2 of your life. I am very happy for him; can call him an Uncle now & mean it!! Ha ha!

This is to you Charan!! Cheers to Great Life!!


Hey.. I AM BACK.... heeee haaaw!!!!

Feeling great. Elated!! Fresh!! On TOP of the world!
It been more than 2 months since i wrote anything. I wasnt in my element :( or you could just say that i was down right lazy.

First things first... I had a great trip down south on my bike. Lots of small time adventure. One was def., riding in the night. Crazy it was. The other was riding from Kanniyakumari to Bangalore without stopping for the day; 22 hours of riding; at the end of it, i was crying out in pain, literally, but it was in its own way FUN!! It was different from anything that i have done before! My previous trip involved just riding from one place to the another; but this one was about going to places, to be a tourist (hatke tho!!).

I thought that i would write my travelogue; but it was too tiring for me to write. I tried, but as i wrote i discovered that there was so much to say that at the end of Day 1, in my journal, i stopped; cos i had written like about 12 full pages!! I will one of these days put it up here.

You can however look at my photos tho... very amatuer... but hey its me, with my limited creative skills.

Part 1

Part 2

Waiting for my next one!