Friday, July 13, 2007

Guwahati - Itanagar

I halted for 4 days in Guwahati! I needed to get my bikes 3rd service done! I also needed to get the ILP's (Inner Line Permit) done for 3 states of NE, without which nobody would be allowed the state boundary!

Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland & Mizoram were the states! We had applied for AP's ILP back in Kolkata! The other 2, in had to get it done here! It takes just few hours for the process, you apply in the morning, & between 2 & 4 pm the same day, it would be issued! I felt a little strange to know that i (as an Indian) required a "pass" to go into my own country! I am under educated on this matter right now, so will not comment!

The weather in Guwahati was very humid & it would rain/drizzle once in a while! Its not a big place here! & Dispur is more like a twin city attached to it!

I left my bike for servicing at the Bullet workshop. Met the service manager, Mr. Roy Choudary. He was excited to know that i have come all the way from Bangalore to Guwahati riding alone! After the bike was handed over, & over a cup of black tea, we spoke! He told me that there was a Bullet Club here, & he's the tresurer of it! Couple of calls later, i was talking to Vikram, who is the Vice President of the Club! We spoke, exchanged nos & he wanted to meet me in the evening over a cup of coffee!

Evening happened, Vikram picked me up from my hotel! Came across as a very humble gentleman in his 30s. We went to the nearest CCD! We pulled in on a table, & he asked for extra chairs, i knew there would be company!

10 mins later, 2 more joined us! Partha & Bhaskar! Lot of Q & A session happened! They were happy to know about Chrysallis Power of One! Got few tips from them! We dispersed by 9.45pm! I had a good time, made new friends!

The next 3 days were uneventfull! I spent a lot fo time either sleeping or in the workshop! Roy was very curteous towards me! He gifted me a tee-shirt from Eicher! & offered lunch in their mess! It was very homely; rice, dal & alloo sabji was present with fried chillies to spice up the meal!

I was waiting for my pass from Cal to arrive! I got it by the end of yesterday's evening! I also realised that as i was any ways coming back to Guwahati on my way out of NE, it didnt make any sense for me to carry all the luggage back & forth! So decided to split it & take only the essentials with me! I asked Partha, & he was more than happy to help me with it! So, dropped off two bags in his place! Got an opportunity to meet his family! Bhabhi offered me black tea & met thr son Dev! Cute he was!

Left for Itanagar early today! Was feeling very drowsy from the morning! Roads werent that great! It would have been a easy ride expect for the raods & the sun! Rode to Nagoan from Dispur! Had breakfast there! & headed towards Tezpur, the district HQ for Sohitpur! Crossed a long bridge over the River Bramhaputra to enter Sohitpur! This is the 2nd time i am crossing this river! I crossed it when i was making my way to Guwahati!

Checked into a hotel! Ate Plain dosa ( which was good) & had lassi for lunch! Slept for couple of hours! & found this internet place with Broadband connection!

Will head for Itanagar tmrw morning! Will complete this post when i reach there!