Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nobody dies a Virgin!

If you are looking for a post where the king lives happily ever after...or just, say a happy post, you might want to give this one a skip!

The odds are getting bigger! I am losing time! Did a 100km ride in the night yesterday; did it on the Blr - Devanahalli stretch. Gud road! Had to turn back for home, developed a cramp in my stomach! Left for the ride immediately after a heavy dinner, that could be a cause! Also, encountered our Police Mama, when i stopped in front of ITC for a break; he literally shoved me away, probably didnt want any mishaps when he was on his rounds! Never mind the law & order of this place; will crib on it some other time!

Did 1 more round of riding in the morning today; this time (foolishly) took the Mysore road! I covered the same distance as yday night, but in twice the time. Bike started getting heated up! Had to slow down; stopped thrice for 15-20 mins! No sleep yday, so started sleeping/drowsing (am used to this habit) while riding; i turned back towards Blr; didnt want to take a chance with the bike. Had to stop this time, for me! Had tea! The place i stopped had a Peepal tree with a katte (read it in kannada) around it; couple of farmers dosing off. I sat on it, made eye contact with 1 of them, asked if i could sleep & would there be an issue! He smiled! That was the answer i was looking for! Helmet & my bag under my neck, stretched my legs & slept for 30-40 mins! Literally next to the State Highway! Super i felt! Took my time & came back home by 1.30 pm.

Found out that i cant get my Bike's 1st service done immediately; have to wait till Tuesaday! Waste of 2 days, which i dont have! Cursed every soul!

I also pushed my days & changed my schedule a little. Pushed it by 4 days! & instead of going to Pondicherry, i am heading directly to Hyderabad! Will cover Pondi & Chennai on my way back. Instead of coming back on 26th Sep, i am back on 29th. Will have to use up my Sunday & Monday well.

As they say, when things go wrong, they will go wrong!
Nobody dies a Virgin; ......................................

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