Friday, March 16, 2007

I think you are ready!!

The nights are
shorter now!!
But the smile remains!

I dont have to spend long
nights, bcos i know
this is it!!

I've stuck on to
chai, but black, with
a twist of lemon!

Its no more under the lights
or under the trees with
frustrated crows!!

Under the moon, in
front of an awe-inspiring architecture, &
on the footsteps of JRD Tata!!

I think you are ready!
Thats all!
This is IT!!!
A giggle...

The rest is history.


Friends to shame..
Feeling shy!
No inhibitions!

The historical moment--
Finger pointing
You should have got someone...

Volleyball match.

Pink - a colour i have never wore before!
Music & Lyrics!!

We still talk
Conversation are much deeper!

Feelings are translated
into poetry!
& i stick to lousy writing!

Its been 4 months
since the broken indicators
But have grown
as individuals!

The nights are
shorter now!!
But the smile remains!

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