Thursday, June 26, 2008


It’s been a year since I completed my bike ride across the country. Lot of things has happened since then. Have understood a lot more about me as an individual, have become more patient, pain still visits me, made new friends, few relationships have become stronger, few have gone weaker…..

Few friends thought I would change, or have changed after the ride. Yes lots has; but as a person inside, I still remain the same. Few think that the ride like mine is impossible & only “cracked nuts” could think about it. Well, yes I am a “cracked nut”! & take that as a compliment. But tell you what, it is not impossible & with careful planning, anyone with guts could do it.

I have not written any more blogs on the ride after the initial few, & haven’t uploaded any pics or any videos. I took a lot of pics, & few videos throughout the ride across 115 days. Made it into few CD’s & the rest in my flash-drive. After I arrived back at home, I took a few days to unpack completely & realized that I had lost the 1st CD containing all the pics & videos, starting from Bangalore till Kolkata. I was angry & disappointed with myself & for being this careless.

I decided that I wouldn’t put any of my pics at all bcos it doesn’t make any sense to upload info only on part of my ride. So that remains that.


Anonymous said...

I cried cus i had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet...

My father - 65 yrs of age- stole my camera. Yes, he did. It was the very first expensive thing i bought with my first year's salary.It hurts even now as i write this. Now do you suggest i never buy another camera? Or take any pictures?
Not doing certain things will only strengthen that bad memory more.Move on, give yourself another chance.Good luck!

Prashant said...

Who is this?