Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Bucket List

Ok, this is something new which i am doing (read, asked to do) from a friend of mine who also is an avid blogger. Its Dhanya - Do check her blog as well. This process is called "Tagging". Please dont ask me anything more on this word, spent half an hour on phone with her & didnt understand "JACK"!! She has "tagged" (asked) me on a topic of "The Bucket List" - more in terms of things you would like to do before you do. Watch the movie on the same name, starring Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson. Gud movie, a must watch!

Back to topic:
When i started to blog, in those early days, i had published an entry on "100 things to do before i die". This was way back guys, May 2006. So few of the entries are a little weird & crazy & def out-of-the-box (if you know me). I aint gonna edit it, for it takes away the flavor of "me"...


Use the link above to check out the entry. Hope you enjoy it & write your own!
& hey this is MY BUCKET LIST!!!

1 comment:

Dhanya said...

Hey thanks for taking this up although after lot of explanation :P
But now I realized you are the one who started this tag way back in 2006 by writing your own bucket list and encouraging others to make their own. Good work there :)