Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A tear rolls down

A Last minute jump into the auto
Getting to the Railway Station at peak hour
5 mins for departure
Bargaining for 10 rupee

Look for the General Enquiry
3rd platform
Curse the luggage I am carrying
Flight of stairs – 2 levels
I haven’t been exercising

B2-coach is at the other end
Entire world seems to be conspiring
Against me – Heavy traffic on platform
After what seems to be a mile-walk
I reach B2

I find my seat
Settle down – window seat
Got out for a minute

An old couple already seated
No one came in to say goodbye
2 ladies looking sad
A pregnant lady saying bye to her in-laws
Has her brother next to her

A tear rolls down her cheek
Father-in-law holds her hand
Asks her to take care
Promises to meet her soon
Mother-in-law stands behind him
Looking away

We hear a loud horn
The red turns into green
She waves good bye
The train starts to roll

I settle in
A sudden opening of the door
In comes in a young man
In sweat
I bet he ran in
2 bags on his shoulder &
A folder in his hand

Looks up to the roof
To check if AC is working
Blows air into his shirt
As if it’s going to help
Checks with me if the seat in front of me is empty
I shake my head to concur

Dumps his bag in style
Places the folder on seat
In one swift move
Sits down – his laptop bag on his lap

There is some air about him
Checks the roof again
The AC is more than functioning
Pulls out his VIAO
Hums a song

Our eyes meet
He smiles I don’t
The hum gets louder

2 feet away from me
I don’t like the hum
Checks if I am going to Bangalore
I confirm

Pulls out his swanky mobile
Makes a call
The pregnant lady looks at him
Tries to hook on to the net

As I pull my lappie out
He asks if I am a “techie”
I tell him no.
I tell him where I work
Too many questions

He works with a MNC
A big FMCG co
He looks after the “south of Andhra”
Just out of the “B-School”, he says
Been couple of months

I now realize why the air
Makes a call
An army jawan in the next seat
Gives a peek into his lappie
Our tickets get checked

A chai vendor passes by
So does a samosa & a cutlet guy
They smell great
But don’t look appealing

I ordered a rice dish for dinner
Picked up a never-heard-off-brand water
It says ISI

Our “B-school-pass-out”
Looks tired
Sleeps while seated

I had caught a nap
So was wide awake
Didn’t do much
Apart from looking out the window

Very average food on board
Prayed to GOD
While I drank the water

I slept like a log
In an attention stance
I fitted in like a T on the berth

When I got up
Our “B-school-pass-out”
Was not to be seen
Should have got out in between
The jawan got out at Cantonment
The two ladies still looked sad

The train came to a stop
The pregnant lady walked out
Looking for someone
Her brother carrying the bags

Her eyes lighted up
Cracked a smile
She hugged her mother
Father patted her back
There was happyness in the air

A train journey it is
Makes you cry
When you getting in
& when you getting out

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Makes you laugh...