Wednesday, June 03, 2009

10km walk!!

Was initially very skeptical about taking part in the 10km run last weekend. Had to think about it quite a while before i could get myself to say yes! I was not sure if i was fit enough to run 10km. I did try to jog few days in the morning; but couldnt do anymore than 3/4th of a km to a km mark. So i would end up walking.
What an experience it was on the D-day! Its been a long time since i saw so much crowd on the roads for a single cause - to run!
18 of us ran for Diana's Chrysallis Performance Arts Center, an NGO which believes in integration of children with & without challenges.
By the time i reached with my brother & his wife.. the atmosphere was more like a fair. People of all ages, with array diff colored & sized t-shirts, head bands, i-pods stuck on their arms, warming up.. almost was running of breathing space as we started to climb up the stairs to get inside the holding area. It was overwhelming to see nearly 8000 participate in the 10km open run.
I walked all the way with a little bit of running; thanks to the motivation by Dhanya (my friend/partner in this run). She had some super strategy planned out; she would jog only in the small patch where there is no shade on the road. :) By the end of 6km, my legs were cramped up; at the 7th km, there was no pain, i actually felt like running. The routes merged with the participants of the Majja Run; some 13000 participants ran in this category. It was a spectacle.
I finished the course in exactly 1hr 45mins; this not even a time to flaunt; but i am def proud of the fact that i finished it.
Collecting the refreshments & the participation certificate took some 45 mins; but the process was smooth.
Most of us ended up at Indian Coffee House on Church Street to grab a bite & for some coffee. A superb massage at Ayush near my place was a perfect ending to an fantastic-fun-filled-day!

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Madhurima said...

Oye Hero!
Agle saal, will give u then, u may run and i will walk!!