Friday, June 05, 2009


Actually, this roll could have gone with any movie combination. Veggies, excuse me, this one's not for you! 
It was yet another adhoc movie plan made at 4ish for a movie at 7 in REX. It was a while since i did a movie at a theatre... was happy & satisfied with watching Moserbear CD's at 40 bucks; but couldnt resist watching Tom Hanks play Robert Langdon in Angels & Demons by Dan Brown directed by Ron Howard! Can you resist a combination like this! So gave into it & decided that this was the day to oogle on TH! But little did i realise that TH had some major competition!
So, 3 of us decided that the movie is on! Madhu, Christopher & myself it was! Chris was to join in later! (Ohh, btw, he is a colleague & a friend from my office). By the time i parked my bike, the tickets were picked up. 
Madhu wanted to munch on something, like a roll; i was not sure. 
There are two entrances to REX; from the 1st entrance, cars roll in & come out from the other. Right at the 1st entrance, there is a Sweet Corn Stand (regular), the next stall after that was the "katti roll" making guy. The stall's named Lazeez! 2 people man this stall. Except the Chicken & Mutton, which are pre-cooked, everything else is made right here, in front of you. The roti, the egg, (few options for the veggies also)... all of this! At 40 bucks, this roll with egg was the best i have had; & if you know me, you would know that i dont give a best review to everyone! For ex: Chocolate Mousse - Java City, Kulfi's - Bowring Stall, Mutton Biryani - Taj (Shivajinagar walla), ... like all these are the bestest in the city; egxactly like that This Katti Roll was the bestest!
The combination of, hot roti, egg fried on it directly, the warm (very well marinated) chicken cubes, the fresh onions, the chat masala & the squeze of lemon--- put all these together like the way this guy makes - YUM is the word! Must visit when you are on Brigade Road!
Ok, now i know why i am not loosing any weight at all. I am too stuck up on food! 
The movie after that was great! It def is much better than the 1st edition of this series; yes i am aware; these two are two separate movies, have no connection.. blah blah.. but bottom line- you will enjoy if you are a fan of any one of the names i took earlier.. TH actually holds the movie together. 
Go, watch it & you wont be disappointed! 

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