Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Your request cannot be processed!

I mean, how many times have you seen these so-called error messages! When the ATM machine recognises that your card does not belong to its Bank, it comes up with these messages! (or at least i think so)
Whats the whole point in making you-can-now-go-to-any-bank's-ATM-to-withdraw-your-money & not be charged; this entire initiative at times i think is a eye-wash!
Ok, i know my conspirator mind is working & working big time! What are the odds i think; i go to 4 different banks near my office & all off them give me an error message....
It could either be :

- Your request cannot be processed
- Server Error

Isn't this the age where you could operate a robot by sending signals from Earth all the way to Mars; isn't there a lightest (as in smaller than small) possibility that these banks can develop a programme to randomly reject other bank's ATM Card!

Think about it!

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